Motel Livin'

Shawn Williams

Shawn Williams has an alt-rocka countrybilly serial killer blues style with her words, music, and delivery in the studio and live. Add her debut release Shadow (March 2017) and her follow-up Motel Livin' (June 2018) to your collectShawn.

New Orleans’ pioneering voice in “alt-rocka countrybilly serial killer blues,” Shawn Williams sounds like the result of a dirtier-minded Elvis deciding to get it on in the back of some roadhouse saloon with one of those sad-eyed cowboy types that would rather be drinking alone.

Her debut album Shadow (2017) is a skillfully-mastered collection of originals that moves seamlessly from old-school R&B-inflected; rockers to softer, wistful numbers that evoke the broken-hearted melancholia of the desert. Idiosyncratic, catchy, and rich with local talent, the tracks showcase Williams’ impressive musicianship and unique capabilities as a songwriter. On recording as in live performance, she conveys a sense of rawness, a depth of feeling, and a lack of pretension that set her apart from the rest of the city’s pool of talented up-and-coming musicians. Her follow-up album Motel Livin' (June 2018) takes you on journey of real-life heartbreak, lust, darkness, and stories from the road.

Shawn has opened for national touring artists such as the Queen of Rockabilly - Wanda Jackson, Corey Smith, The Accidentals, Todd O'Neill, Malcolm Holcombe, Loverboy, and more.

Aside from her own music, she is also the founder of the all-female Elvis tribute band, Pelvis Breastlies.

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