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The Pour House Saloon

 —  —

The Pour House Saloon, 3501 Jefferson Hwy, Jefferson

Rockin' with the band right after the LSU game ends...9'ish p.m. and playing 'til 1 a.m.! Matt DeOrazio on lead guitar, Johnny Meaux on drums!


The 36th annual Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival

 —  —

Pensacola, FL

Super honoured to get to play this super cool festivus for all of the songwriter lovers out there! My exact dates and times, along with the lineup, to be announced on Oct. 1st!

To find out more informayShawn:

The 36th annual Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival will feature more than 100 nationally acclaimed songwriters in venues along the Florida / Alabama Gulf Coast from November 11th - 15th, 2020.

The festival is an opportunity for seasoned and aspiring songwriters and musicians from all over the world to have their songs heard, and for the public to learn the stories behind the lyrics that only the song’s author can express.

During this exciting 5 day festival, performers will be hosted in over two dozen venues along the FL/AL Gulf Coast.

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